KR system boards are made of EPS and have studs which closely bed heating pipes so that no extra fitting systems are necessary. KR system boards made by Kotar are overlap-joined which eliminates the problem of ‘cold bridges’. Insulation is tighter and thus more effective. Additionally the lock joint facilitates installation. KR/N boards are joined in another manner, with overlay of PS foil.


All floor heating insulation boards in Kotar’s catalogue stand out with their bending and deformation strength as well as stability in a set temperature range. The boards do not only insulate floors. They also make it easier to install the floor heating pipes as they enable the user to keep proper distances between the pipes. Thanks to high production standards the boards are resistant to pressure the floor withstands and protect the pipes against bending. Another advantage is lower cost of screed – the boards to some extent fill the space where floor concrete is poured. Thanks to Kotar system boards the floor heating system works continuously, more efficiently and much longer. Installation itself takes less time and as a result is cheaper.


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