Information about the project

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KOTAR SPÓŁKA JAWNA, B. & S. JAWORSCY is implementing a project named “Promoting an innovative product of KOTAR SPÓŁKA JAWNA. B. & S. JAWORSCY on foreign markets in order to strengthen its international position as part of sub-measure 3.3.3, ‘Supporting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Promoting Their Products – Go to Brand’ under ‘Smart Development 2014 - 2020’ Operational Programme, co-financed by European Regional Development Fund.


Brief summary of the project

The aim of the project is to enhance the competiveness of the enterprise by internationalisation of its operation, promoting own brands on target foreign markets, strengthening its position on foreign markets, increasing brand export revenues, reaching a larger number of customers and increasing the brand’s recognition abroad.


The final effect will be promoting an innovative product, namely a KR floor heating system board, on international markets by participation in trade fairs.


The total project value: 431 896,13 PLN

The total value of qualified costs: 414 000,00 PLN

The funding amount: 248 400,00 PLN



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