Company history


Brothers Bogdan Jaworski and Stanisław Jaworski set up a general partnership under business name "Kotar", manufacturing insulation boards for floor heating systems.


Kotar is transformed into registered partnership and begins to manufacture clips for pipe installation and edge tapes.


Kotar becomes a member of German GSH, an organization including enterprises manufacturing and processing EPS and begins to distribute its products in the European Union.


Production of EPS for IZOROL insulation boards begins. EPS is also sold directly for other construction purposes.


Kotar launches production of KR system boards. At the same time Kotar enters new markets where this solution is really popular, including Slovakia, Bosnia and Romania.


Continuous and intensive development, multiplied turnover and global expansion encourage the partners to transform Kotar into private limited liability company. The sons of the founders, representing the new generation, also become partners. The highest organizational standards are introduced . Internal procedures become automatized and digitalized. Kotar continues to grow expanding its production plant and investing in innovations.


At the beginning of the year, the company, by purchasing the most modern production line in Europe, introduced a polypropylene fabric used for the production of Izorol insulation boards. This investment allowed us to maintain full control over the production process of the company's main product, Izorol insulation boards: from the production of individual components to the stage of coating polystyrene boards with foil or fabric.


KOTAR has introduced an innovative product on a national scale: Izorol-SR insulation and renovation system. The system consists of Izorol-SR or SR / KL insulation boards and innovative SR clips developed by our own technical department. The system is mainly dedicated to use in renovation systems and in rooms where there is not enough space for a high insulation layer.


The 30th anniversary of the family business coincided with the launch of Kotar Insulation in Romania. It is a jubilee of 30 years on the Polish market and of expansion into global markets. It is 30 years of experience, investment, continuous company development, new products and 30 years of uncompromising quality.


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