Kotar EPS is used by individual customers, residential building developers and construction companies working on public buildings. Kotar EPS is made of foamed polystyrene. The EPS boards are commonly used in construction as insulation material.




  • EPS S facade boards are dedicated to external thermal insulation of buildings using the light-wet and light-dry methods. These EPS boards can also be used to insulate multi-layer walls, stud walls, tie beams and floors.
  • EPS 80 floor boards can be used to insulate floors on the ground, under floor screed and under floor heating as well as insulating the walls beneath the ground level (basements).
  • EPS 100 boards are dedicated to insulate floors, flat roofs and outdoor floors (e.g. terraces)
  • EPS 200 boards are dedicated to insulate parking ramps, drive-on platforms, flat roofs, car parks and garages, floors on the ground and below the ground level as well as floors under screeds and outdoor bases.
  • EPS T 040 and EPS T 045 are boards to be used under floor base for better sound insulation of floating floors (floor panels)


All EPS boards comply with Euroclass E, that is fire resistance in accordance with EN 13501. They all have very good insulation properties.


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